FRISELLINE, bread, croutons, snacks, aperitive, seasoning, vegan, vegetarian



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Product details

Production location: Puglia, Southern Italy 

Category: Baked products

Ingredients: Durum Wheat flour; Wheat flour; water; Sunflour Oil; Extravirgin Olive Oil; Salt; Yeast 

Size: 200g 

Packaging: recyclable bag 

Expiration date: November 01, 2021 


Is the smallest version of the original frisella which is a traditional hard bread typically soaked for few second in water and than season with all your favourite veggies, olive oil and fantasy.

The small size of the product suits very well used as a tart with our BLACK OLIVES SPREAD, litlle veggies, sauces or used as a croutons for main Pasta meal and SOUP like CORN SOUP, TOMATO SOUP and others.

Is made by mixing all the ingredients, create a sort of bagel and BAKED TWICE in order to reach the desired crunchiness.

SURELY is one of the most favourite food used in Puglia. Used mostly during the summer for lunch or dinner thus it is very filly. This version is perfect as APERITIF with ,TARALLI, local olives, and lot more; All Paired with a great GLASS OF WINE .


Store into the zipped bags into a dark and dry closet for the time shown on the bag.

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