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TWD $90

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Product details

Production location: Southern Italy

Ingredients:  Whet durum flour, water


Size: 500g 

Packaging : Plastic  bag 

pen pasta is double-pointed and has horizontal stripes. With a hollow shape, it can be perfectly matched with the rich and thick sauces. It is also a common choice for baking.

We specially selected the most suitable pasta to combine with our organic tomato sauce.

It does not require superb cooking skills, and everyone can serve it conveniently and quickly.

The perfect way to cook

1. 80 grams per person

2. Boil water (it's best to use a large soup pot that can hold 6 liters of water)

3. Once the water reaches the boiling point, sprinkle a fist amount of salt (10g of salt every 1000ml of water)

4. Add the pasta and stir to prevent the noodles from sticking to the pot or sticking together.

5. You can cook for 8minutes for well cooked texture or 7minutes for a Italian standard AL DENTE TEXTURE


6-Put the pasta directly into your favorite sauce and cook for one minute. The best way is to pour it into our tomato paste , then add our extra cold-pressed virgin olive oil to enhance the flavor, and add pepper and salt according to personal preference.




TWD $90


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