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Product details

Production location: Puglia, Southern Italy 

Category: PRESERVES 

Ingredients: Organic Fresh Tomatoes 99,9% 

Size: 420g net weight 

Packaging: glass bottle

TOMATOES EXPRESS THEMSELF AT 100% DURING SUMMER TIME, from SICILY to CAMPANIA; from PUGLIA to CALABRIA and whole ITALY when the fruits are all mature after being nurished by the strong summer sun!

August is the period where the south Italian families are united to the creation of the sauce that is going to last the whole year.

The Sauce is simply made by washing all the tomatoes, select the best and most intense red one while the green will be cutted and used as a salad the same day; than boiled for an hour. After the tomatoes are cooked we pass them into the Iconic Sauce Machine (Manual or eletric) which separate the pulp from the skins. 

The obtained Pulp will be bottled in sterilized glass bottled, sealed and pastorized.

Once open the freshness of the tomatoes will surround your house amaze everyone who's inside!

sud passata 420


The best use is to cook it with our EXTRAVIRGIN OLIVE OIL combined with your favourite veggies and top it into a  great plate of pasta. Use it also on pizza foccaccie and others


After opened use it within 7 days and store in the fridge at 3-4° C.SUD PASSATA STORAGE

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